Louisiana Bar Exam Results for February 2015 Just Released

The results for the February 2015 Louisiana Bar Exam were released today, April 24, 2015. The overall pass rate was 65.56%. Tulane Law School had the highest pass rate among Louisiana law schools, with Loyola University New Orleans College of Law having the second highest pass rate. LSU Law Center  was third and Southern University Law Center was fourth. The results are as follows:

Overall Pass Rate: 65.56%

Tulane Pass Rate: 80%

Loyola Pass Rate: 70.31%

LSU Pass Rate: 62.07%

Southern Pass Rate: 59.38%

The overall pass rate for non-Louisiana law schools was 65.56%. For more information, visit the web site of the Louisiana Supreme Court, http://www.lasc.org/press_room/bar_results/results/Feb2015/February_2015_school.html