Recent Articles on Divorce, Visitation, and Child Custody Mediation

What is the best way to ask your spouse for a divorce. Joe and Cheryl Dillon, co-founders of Equitable Mediation Services, discuss this topic at .

How important is private mediation services to society? That is an interesting question. For more information on this topic, please see, Mediation services vital as society evolves, an article by Linda Heng which can be found at .

Florida mediator Matthew Brickman of iMediate Inc, one of Florida’s leading family mediators, boasts a 100% settlement rate in mediation. To see how he achieves this amazing success rate, go to .

It has been said that there are three categories of mediation styles, "facilitative", "evaluative" and "transformative." For a discussion of these categories and how marital or divorce mediation fits into these categories, go to to view Where Does Marital Mediation Fit In? by Laurie Israel.

Pennsylvania lawyer Donald Witmeyer discusses the benefits of family mediation for couples who are separating or divorcing which include less expense, a peaceful resolution, a discreet and confidential process, the fact that there will not be any legal documents or public records of what happened in the mediation, and the facts that the parties will come to their own resolution without a judge imposing a solution. For more information on his article, The Law Offices of Donald Witmyer, P.A., Advocates the Importance of Divorce Mediation Before Bringing the Divorce Case to Court, click on .

Attorneys are important during the mediation process. For a discussion of the importance of retaining  experienced matrimonial counsel to educate and consult with you during the process, please see David A. Beaver’s article, Divorce Mediation: Utilizing Attorney Resources during the Divorce Process. The article can be found at .

For a discussion of the financial issues that arise during a divorce and that may be handled in a divorce or family mediation such as retirement accounts and pension plans, dividing an individually or jointly owned business, alimony amounts and duration, the living, healthcare and educational expenses of any children,  medical insurance or training necessary for a spouse to resume working, and the tax implications of these decisions, see, Divorce and your finances by Tom Roberts, CFP, afinancial planner and owner of A New Approach Financial Planning in Lakewood Ranch and Sarasota, Florida. The article can be found at  .