How Much Does a Divorce Cost? 

Attractive Rates for Mediation from an Experienced Mediator & Divorce Attorney in New Orleans, LA

The initial meeting is free. During the first meeting, you can meet with one of our mediators in the New Orleans area who will explain the mediation process and how we can assist you in finalizing the details of your settlement agreement. Our initial fee is  $750.00 per couple for three hours of meeting time. At the end of the  session, the fee to prepare the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is $250.00.


You can then take the MOU to the Court’s “Self-Help Desk” which can assist you in incorporating the MOU into a Consent Judgment or you can take it to a lawyer of your  choice to have it filed with the court. The Self-Help Desks in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes are staffed with volunteer lawyers who assist individuals with family, divorce, and domestic legal issues in the courts.